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I’m a visual artist, aiming to create work that challenges the viewer's understanding of reality.


I see art as an expression of my sense of self. I choose to communicate visually – that’s the way I think. Visual art bypasses the verbal forms of communication through which we receive much of the formal information that fills our lives. I believe great artists embed themselves into their work and when the work speaks to the audience, the artist and the viewer recreate it together.  


I use various mediums; oil paint, coloured pencils, and inks, in order to express my raw emotions. The medium I choose, like the style of the work, reflects my state of mind, and the thoughts that inform the artwork I’m creating. On this website, you’ll see a wide range of styles and diverse techniques. They not only reflect my mood but challenge me to constantly learn new skills. 


One of the styles I come back to often is Surrealism, but I like to give it a contemporary twist. I’m attracted to the surreal, a state in which the elements are familiar, but the overall impression defies our sense of reality. Surrealism helps me uncover the subconscious through its freedom of imagination and lack of logic, where the laws of our physical world no longer apply.

For me, art is the rawest expression of human psychology in which feelings and emotions exist without having to be translated into words. Perhaps that’s why human beings are driven to create, why musicians turn emotions into crafted sound waves, and visual artists into colour, shape, and form. 

Working on new artwork keeps me sane. It provides me with a sense of purpose. I use art not only as a means of expression but also as my main source of self-therapy. Art helps me purge any negative emotions. I can pour them into a drawing and then move on. It has developed into my best and healthiest coping mechanism.

I’ve been blessed with an ability, built on years of constant artmaking, to create in two dimensions, the images I have in my mind as well the world I perceive in front of me. That ability is fundamental to the person I am today. It has given me life skills - taught me commitment, dedication, and perseverance. 

Please explore these artworks, enjoy them, and know that they are a true reflection of who I am.

- Dan Nav

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